Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome. Now Leave.

No.  Just kidding.  Stick around.  I've got nothing better to do and if you're reading this, neither do you.  Just kidding again.  I love you.  Never leave me.  I would be devastated.

For right now, feel free to do whatever it is you do and laugh at my macabre title.  The one thing I will try and do very little of (and these are repeat offenses I see in the blogging world):

1)  Whine about everything, and complain about how much my life sucks, and people suck and how no one understands me.  Even though they don't and people do indeed suck.  Just kidding.  I love people and live among them as they have claimed me as one of their own.

2)  Share cutesy wootsy little pictures and describe my life in glowing terms.  In other words, my life is perfect blog.  These usually have pink backgrounds for some reason and pictures tend to be in soft focus.  Why is that?   I'd rather people whine.

3)  Focusing on the mundane.  You know the bloggers that tell you what time they woke up, what they had for breakfast and how many vegetables they have eaten during the past week classified by color, shape and vitamin content.  Yawn.

So stick around and I promise to probably break all 3 offenses in a very short period of time.  Now go away so I can miss you. 

I miss you already.  Come back.

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