Recap of the Aburd: Hard Rock Zombies - Page 8

Continued from Page7

Ugh and we're back to the townsfolk again. The sheriff and a couple of his cronies are at House of Hitler to try and figure out what the heck is going on. Good luck dudes, I've been watching this movie for an hour and I couldn't figure it out. It doesn't matter because they all get killed. I was going to go into detail as to how but it's remarkable uninteresting. So suffice to say, Hitler Weirdo family are all zombies now and they kill people.  Plus it was a good way to thin out the cast.

Oh crap. This is a zombie film. So we're not rid of them yet.

I should probably mention that there is NO REASON why any of the bad guys should have become zombies because none of them were bitten by the band members. But.....again, putting more thought into it than the writers. My bad for, you know, thinking.

But then it gets REALLY interesting. Because Phil Fondacaro comes to life and attempts to eat a cow. Yes, this happening. Which for some reason makes me very happy.

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